Large Wood Sarcophagus Mask

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Late Period, 664-332 B.C.
Material: Wood
Dimensions: 55 cm high
Price: 9 000 Euro
Ref: 1227
Provenance: Old French private collection prior to 1980. Last in a French auction house. Accompanied by a French antiquities passport.
Condition: Fragment with rich paint and with missing parts as seen on the photo. The mask reassembled from two pieces and stabilized. On the back a modern suspension for mounting on the wall.
Description: Large, to the shoulder reaching wood sarcophagus mask with rich paint. The face with white primer, lids drawn in black and large black pupils. The brows above also applied in black color. Mouth and nose sculpturally depicted. The large tripartite wig decorated in blue and red. On the forehead a black painted scarab holding a red sun disk. On the back the old inventory number 19, as well as the initials P.V. of a possibly later owner. Originally mounted on a wood piece covered with fabric from the 1970s. In the meantime newly mounted on a black painted wood board for mounting on the wall.