Large Wood Model of a Boat with Oarsmen

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Middle Kingdom, 2137-1781 B.C.
Material: Wood
Dimensions: 99 cm long
Price: Sold
Ref: 1151
Provenance: Private collection Giancarlo Ligabue, acquired on 14 December 1967 at Spink & Son in London. Accompanied by an old photo from the collection Ligabue.
Condition: Figures possibly not all belonging, but from the same period. One end of the barque reattached and stabilized. Otherwise a monumental boat with oarsmen and helmsman from the Middle Kingdom.
Description: Large wood model of a barque with oarsmen made of three parts. This model is of type II according to the Egyptologist George Andrew Reisner. Preserved are four oarsmen as well as a standing helmsman and two large rudders. A sixth in turn seated figure represents the deceased on a journey on the Nile in the otherworld. Published in: Giancarlo Ligabue “Il pane e la chiglia”, Venice 1985. Possibly from Beni Hasan in middle Egypt. Models like this were common for a funerary endowment in the Middle Kingdom. They were placed on the coffin lid in the desired journey direction of the deceased on the Nile.