Necklace with Horus Eyes made from Precious Stones

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Middle Kingdom to Late Period, 2133-332 B.C.
Material: Carnelian,lapis lazuli, rock crystal, green schist, granite, faience
Dimensions: 51 cm long
Price: Sold
Ref: 1358
Provenance: Private collection Horatio and Patsy Melas, Alexandria, Egypt. Acquired prior to 1967. Thence by inheritance in Switzerland and in London.
Condition: Amulets and beads intact, necklace ready to wear.
Description: Newly threaded necklace with different colored faience beads and eight rare Horus eye amulets made of stone. The amulets made of carnelian, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, green slate and granite. The Horus eye is the left eye ("moon eye") of Horus, the god of light, healed and restored by the Egyptian god Thoth. It is also known as the udjat eye (udjat = intact, complete, whole, healthy). In keeping with its importance, udjat amulets had an apotropaic function and were intended to protect against diseases. Newly threaded on a thin wire, with clasp and ready to wear.