Hellenistic Gold Earrings

Culture: Greek
Period: 2nd century B.C.
Material: Gold
Dimensions: 4 cm high; each 3.8 gram
Price: 4 000 Euro
Ref: 2559
Provenance: Collection Karawani, Paris, France, acquired in the 1970s. Thence in a family estate.
Condition: Slight dents, otherwise intact.
Description: A pair of very finely worked out, Hellenistic gold earrings with a round wire with an eyelet at one end and a hooked loop at the other end. At the lower end of the wire a twisted gold wire framing a gold disk which is crowned by three granules. A cylinder divided into two registers is attached to a sheet of gold wrapped around the bow, bordered at the top, bottom and center with twisted gold wire. The outside is decorated in both registers each with four encircled pairs of spirals. At the bottom of the cylinder originates another, thick twisted gold wire, which is knotted at the end. In this part an organic pearl was possibly fixed. These very detailed and artistically worked out earrings are still wearable today. It is recommended to have modern pins custom-made to avoid opening the ancient clasp.