Hittite Cask Jug

Culture: Hittite
Period: Mid 2nd millennium B.C.
Material: Light brown clay
Dimensions: 9.3 cm x 8.4 cm
Price: 3 800 Euro
Ref: 6097
Provenance: Collection Professor Goldeck, Bremen. Acquired in the 1960s-1970s. Thence collection Wolfgang Zoepnek, Dassendorf, Germany. Acquired on 14 April 2010 at Galerie Günther Puhze. With invoice and certificate of Galerie Puhze.
Condition: Intact
Description: Very rare pottery vessel with a corpus resembling a cask. On top a cylindrical neck with a widely protruding rim. Originating from the lip a semi-circular handle finishing off in the middle of the cask. The jug rests on its handle. At the front of the shoulder two lugs, probably representing female breasts. This vessel was possibly used as a milk bottle.