Wooden Standing Figure of a Man

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Middle Kingdom, 2137-1781 B.C.
Material: Wood
Dimensions: 25 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 1116
Provenance: Private collection Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir, acquired 1930 at Salahaddin Sirmali in Cairo. Brought to the USA before 1948 and since then in a New York private collection.
Condition: The front of the base reattached, arms missing. Some wear.
Description: Standing figure of a man with a calf-length kilt. The face with large eyes, broad lips and broad nose (suggesting a dating to the 11th dynasty), as well as short black hair. He is wearing a hidden amulet (Khepri?) on his chest, the separately worked arms are missing. Original base, as well as intensive color remains are still preserved.