Wood Sarcophagus Mask of a Woman

Culture: Egyptian
Period: Late period, 664-332 B.C.
Material: Wood
Dimensions: 39.8 cm x 38.8 cm
Price: 12 000 Euro
Ref: 1382
Provenance: Private collection Christine Delangle, Paris. Inherited from her parents, who acquired the mask in the 1980s.
Condition: A fragment of very beautiful quality.
Description: Exceedingly sculptural and very large, wood sarcophagus mask with the features of a woman. The finely worked out face with white skin tone is framed by a grey, tripartite wig. The ears are visible. The eyes with a slightly lowered gaze with black pupils, black lids and a short, black eyeliner. The brows also in black with a fine dotted line above. The mouth is formed to a smile, between the lips a fine, red line. A large, very graceful mask. Mounted on a black acryl glass plate for hanging on the wall.