Iberian Votive Figure of a Worshiper

Culture: Iberian
Period: 4th-2nd century B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 8.8 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 5042
Provenance: Collection C.N., Vienna.
Condition: Except for some wear, intact.
Description: Flat bronze figure of a female worshiper with raised arms and extended outwardly turned palms. She is wearing a veil almost reaching the bottom, the breasts are indicated with small points. The face is distinctively featured, nose, eyebrows and cheekbones are oversized, the eyes almond-shaped. The back of the head flat, the long feet are straight and parallel, the toes recognizable. Votive figures like this one were in particular found in Castellar de Santisteban. Olive green patina. Mounted.