Inside Lid of a Sarcophagus with the Goddess Nut

Culture: Egyptian
Period: 3rd Intermediate period, 1070-664 B.C.
Material: Wood
Dimensions: 193 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 1172
Provenance: Private collection Paul Schwake, Cologne, Germany, acquired in November 1972 at “Herder – das Haus der Bücher am Dom” in Cologne. Accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.
Condition: Two restored breaks, one panel at the bottom right reattached.
Description: Inside lid of a sarcophagus with the depiction of the standing goddess Nut in human form. The goddess is depicted in profile, wearing a multi-colored collar, a red hair band and her long dress is also bound with a red bow. The tripartite wig is completely in black. Ring jewelleries on her upper arms and ankles. Nut, the goddess of the sky and the heavenly bodies, also plays an important role in the death cult. She is closely connected to the belief in the resurrection of the deceased, who are flaunting as stars on her body after their death. As the protector of the dead on their journey to the otherworld she also was often depicted on the inside lids of sarcophaguses. An interesting 3,000-year-old testimony of a painting on wood. Mounted on a black wooden panel for fixing on a wall.