Imperial Period Portrait of a Noble Man

Culture: Roman
Period: 1st century A.D.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: Height 29 cm, with base 47.5 cm.
Price: sold
Ref: 3087
Provenance: From the collection of the artist Jean René Bazaine (1904-2001).
Condition: Some wear on one ear, on the back only roughly worked out.
Description: Very distinctively worked lifesize portrait of a mature Roman aristocrat of fine crystalline marble. The expression is stern and noble, his eyes look out from dark sockets behind thick lids. The closed mouth with thin lips, the distinct cheekbones and the deep cheek wrinkles are symbols of his dignity and life experience. His hair is short, the receding hairline is clearly visible. This is probably a portrait of a high-ranking personality who was presented in the atrium to demonstrate a family’s important descent. This portrait matches with the aristocratic ideals of moral responsibility and is in the tradition of the Caesarean portraits. It depicts a wealthy man who achieved his life goal with hard work a lot of effort. Accompanied by a French antique passport. Mounted.