Canopic Jar Lid with Head of Imsety

Culture: Egyptian
Period: New Kingdom, 19th-20th dynasty, 1292-1070 B.C.
Material: Alabaster
Dimensions: 11 cm x 13 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 1346
Provenance: From an old Parisian private collection.
Condition: Except for some minor wear wonderfully preserved.
Description: Heavy, high-quality alabaster canopic jar lid with a human face embodying Horus’ son Imsety. The face with fine features, the mouth formed to a gentle smile. The wig is pulled down to the forehead and cascading on the sides over the shoulders to the front. At the bottom an inlet ring for inserting in the canopic jar. Imsety watches together with his three brothers Qebehsenuef, Hapy and Duamutef over the intestines of the embalmed deceased. He was responsible for protecting the liver.