Cuneiform Foundation Cone dating to the Period of Ishme-Dagan

Culture: Southern Mesopotamia
Period: 1953-1935 B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 13.2 cm long
Price: Sold
Ref: 6357
Provenance: Gallery l’etoile d’Ishtar Paris, France. From there acquired by Peter Hollander (1931-2014) on 7 November 1998. With original invoice, transcription and detailed description.
Condition: A chip on the tip of the cone, which does not affect the inscription.
Description: Foundation cone of light clay with a flat base on the broadside and a rounded tip on the opposite side. The inscription, covering around three quarters of the cone originates from Ishme-Dagan, the fourth king of I. Dynasty of Isin. He ruled over southern Mesopotamia. The foundation cone testifies that under his rule the city walls of Isin were fortified. The translation reads: "When Isme-Dagan, the strongman, the king of four regions, abolished the tribute of Nippur and freed his soldiers from service, he built the great rampart of Isin. The name of this great rampart is: "Isme-Dagan thanks to Enlil, is the arm of the great An".