Old Babylonian Cuneiform Tablet from the Period of Rim-Sin I.

Culture: Old Babylonian
Period: 1822-1763 B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 8 cm x 5.4 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6163
Provenance: Private collection E. P. v Dijk, Holland, aquired in the 1980s. Most recently with Archea Ancient Art, Amsterdam. Accompanied by a certificate of provenance by E.P. van Dijk dated 22 March 2017.
Condition: The upper right corner slightly worn, with remains of glue. Anyway, the writing area hardly affected and of fine quality.
Description: Old Babylonian cuneiform table with inscription of 12 lines describing the need for reed for reed work. The complete translation reads: (1) To Annunitum (2) speak (3) thus (says) Adad-emuqi. (4) Small reeds for the needs of the reed-worker (5) are needed! (6) One messenger (7) I have just sent to you son. (8) When he has arrived (9) an amount of 20 liters of small reeds (10) give him (11) and quickly to me (12) let him bring (it) to me! Mounted.