Head of a Kiliya Idol with a Slender Neck

Culture: West Anatolia
Period: 2700-2400 B.C.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 3 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 6245
Provenance: Royal Athena Gallery, New York, with the inventory number BLR86, 1999. On 4 January 2000 sold to the American Hollywood agent Jeff Hunter (1926-2018). Accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.
Condition: Wonderfully preserved.
Description: Very elegantly worked small head of a Kiliya or stargazer idol of white, fine crystalline marble. The back of the head broad and flattened, the face tapering with a finely worked nose tip. A slender arching neck tapering downwards. On the back an old collection label. Mounted.