Neolithic Rattle of the Vinča Culture in Form of a Female Figure

Culture: Southeastern Europe
Period: 5500-4500 B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 9.5 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 5095
Provenance: Viennese private collection Jovanovic, acquired 1970 from Erwin Richter in Wiener Neustadt. With a certificate confirming the provenance by Erwin Richter. Accompanied by a TL test of the University of Vienna.
Condition: The surface is worn and very smooth, the figure intact.
Description: Very rare rattle of the Vinča culture in form of a female figure. The triangular head with the typical bulging eyes as well as a long, very protruding pointy nose. On the back of the head a broad indent, which should indicate the head cover. The ring-shaped arms are stemmed against the hips. The corpulent figure with a clearly bulging belly and a protruding buttock. The breasts are only indicated. The lower body clinched, the legs are not accentuated. The basis is circular and flat. In the inside of the hollow belly an object which creates the rattling noises while being shaken. Possibly from the region of Supska-Stublina. Accompanied by a TL test of Professor Rudolf Erlach, University of Applied Arts Vienna.