Neolithic Vinča Statuette of a Fertility Goddess

Culture: Southeastern Europe
Period: 5500-4500 B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 20.4 cm high
Price: 32 000 Euro
Ref: 5220
Provenance: From the well-known Vinča collection of D. J. (1956-2015), since 1970 in Austria. Accompanied by a thermoluminescence test confirming the age of the statuette.
Condition: Intact
Description: Exceptionally large and well-preserved clay figure of the Vinča culture made of black-grey clay. The triangular head with large, semicircular engraved eyes. The pointy, long nose merges directly into the chin and creates the typically mask-like appearance on the face. On the round back of the head an inwardly curved headcover. The sideways protruding ears are pierced, on the neck a tripartite, V-shaped jewellery. The arms are sideways semi-circularly protruding and abundantly decorated with circles. The large hands rest on the round belly, the fingers are accentuated with incisions. Both shoulders are on top deeply pierced. The broad pelvis merges directly into the cylindrical abdomen, which is abundantly adorned with incised decoration. The legs are not accentuated, the foot ring is slightly inverted. Vinča figures such as the present one were used for ritual purposes. The position of the hands and the rounded belly of this very large statuette probably indicate a fertility cult. From the region of Supska-Stublina. With a TL test from the University of Vienna of summer 2023, confirming the age of the figure.