Neopunic Votive Stele

Period: 2nd-4th century A.D.
Material: Limestone
Dimensions: 96 cm x 35 cm x 14,5 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6029
Provenance: Dutch private collection
Condition: Some chipping, lower part missing.
Description: A slender limestone stele with gable and frame divided by two tabs. The lower frame depicts a two-column naiskos with a priestess wearing a delicately folded gown consisting of a chiton and a himation. She holds an incense burner in her right hand, in her left an undefinable object. Leafy branches sprout in the background. The head of Luna covers the gable of the temple, sideways two frontal heads showing radial drill holes along their hairlines. The tab above depicts the head of Saturn surrounded by a cymbal and a cornucopia. The gable depicts a Gorgoneion crowned by a crescent between two paterae.
Culture: Punic/Roman period