Northern Mesopotamian Stamp Seal with Trapped Animals

Culture: Mesopotamia
Period: 4th millennium B.C.
Material: Black stone
Dimensions: 2.9 cm high
Price: 240 Euro
Ref: 6484
Provenance: From the German collection Gustav Oberländer (1926-2012).
Condition: Intact
Description: Large stamp seal of black stone with a long handle, which is pierced on the top for suspension. The stamp area depicts a central cross, behind a horizontal grid pattern. Behind this grid pattern stylized animals are recognizable. This is probably an early depiction of livestock. On the handle a collection label with the number 2472. In ancient times seals guaranteed the authenticity of labelled properties. As such, they served for legal transactions and protected good from theft. Usually, these seals were worn around the neck or on a belt, where they always were handy.