Nuragic Bronze Bull

Culture: Nuragic
Period: 9th-6th century B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 8 cm long
Price: Sold
Ref: 4112
Provenance: From the collection of the art dealer Wolfgang A. Siedler, Neunkirchen, Austria. Acquired in the 1970s from the Schmidt collection, 1030 Vienna.
Condition: Thick patina in some places, otherwise intact and of excellent quality.
Description: Massive cast bronze statuette of a bull with strong, slightly bent legs, slender, muscular body and a long tail. The snout is cylindrical, the mouth vertically notched. The bull looks straight with its strong neck, the horns pointing forward. The round eyes sit on the sides of the head. Votive offerings such as the present one were placed by the Nuragic people in sanctuaries like Santa Vittoria at Serri. There alone 125 bronze statuettes were found. A beautiful testimony from the early bronze art from Sardinia.