Oinochoe with Belonging Base from Canosa

Culture: Greek/Canosa
Period: 3rd century B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 39 cm high (oinochoe); 55 cm high (oinochoe with base)
Price: Sold
Ref: 2531
Provenance: Belgian private collection M. & F. Farber, acquired on 2 June 1987 from the Gallery Archaeologia in Brussels, Belgium. With the original certificate from 1987.
Condition: The ensemble is exceptionally well preserved for its size. The handle is possibly professionally reattached, in any case without any missing part. Otherwise only minor wear, a chip on the foot of the base.
Description: Exceptionally well preserved, very large oinochoe with a belonging base from Canosa. The wine jug with a long, slender neck and a broad cloverleaf spout. The high handle with a slight indentation in the centre starts at the spout and reaches to the shoulder. The jug stands on a set off foot ring. The vessel and base are covered with white engobe on the basis of kaolin and painted with red, pink, blue and green colors, where especially the red and pink elements are excellently preserved. The corpus is decorated with laurel leaves. Above a finely drawn grid design and spirals on the shoulder. The passage to the neck is separated by an elegant rib. Band decoration on the foot and neck. The base is also very abundantly decorated – with bands, tongues, grid design and waves.