Published Samnite Trefoil-Plate Cuirass

Culture: Samnite
Period: 420-350 B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: Heights: 30 cm (breast plate), 28 cm (back plate)
Price: Sold
Ref: 4134
Provenance: Private collection Axel Guttmann with the collection number AG 433, acquired 1990 in Krefeld, Germany. Thence Hermann Historica auction on 11 April 2008, lot 348. Last in the English art market.
Condition: Both parts are stabilized on the back and with additions on the edge, which are visible on the back. With a photo depicting the trefoil-plate armor in the Guttmann collection.
Description: Almost identical breast and back plates of a so-called "trefoil-plate cuirass" consisting of three cambered discs. The upper end of the breastplate with modeled clavicles. The two upper discs are each tapered in the form of chest muscles. Lining holes drilled at regular intervals all around, a riveted tab on each side in the middle (one missing) for fastening the side and shoulder connections. On the back of each an old label from the renowned Axel Guttmann collection with the inscription AG 433. Published in: H. Born, Restaurierung antiker Bronzewaffen – Sammlung Axel Guttmann, Vol. 2 (Mainz 1993), fig. 34, 35. Mounted.