Published Fragment of the Military Diploma of Suris

Culture: Roman
Period: 21 June 159 A.D.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 5.9 cm x 9 cm
Price: 4 800 Euro
Ref: 3471
Provenance: From the German collection Peter Weiß, acquired between 1967 and 2015.
Condition: Fragment of beautiful quality.
Description: Fragment of a military diploma from the period of Emperor Antonius Pius. Preserved is the lower part of Tabella I. The constitution for Pannonia Superior was declared on 21 June 159. Mentioned are five Alae and six cohorts. The recipient of the military diploma served in Ala I Thracum victrix civium Romanorum. His name is Suris, son of Dialpurus. He possibly is from Nicopolis ad Nestum (today’s Bulgaria). Published in: P. Holder “Roman Military Diplomas V (2006)”, p. 845 f., no. 422. As well as in: Peter Weiß “Chiron 29”, 1999, p. 148-182.