Large Lead Market Weight

Culture: Roman/Perinthus
Period: 219-286 A.D.
Material: Lead
Dimensions: 13.6 cm x 13.6 cm; 1.664 grams
Price: Sold
Ref: 3488
Provenance: From the German collection Peter Weiß, acquired between 1967 and 2015.
Condition: Except for traces of encrustation, especially on the B side, intact.
Description: Large, cast market lead weight from the city of Perinthus. The square weight with very elevated, sloping rims and deepened sections. The A side with the inscription MNA ΔΙΚΑΙΑ / ΑΓΟ-ΡΑ-ΝΟ-/ ΜΟΥΝ-ΤΟΣ / ΦΙ-ΛΟ/ΜΗΤΟΡΟΣ / ΤΡYΦΩΝΟΣ mentions the responsible Agoranom (market overseer in ancient Greece) named Philometor, son of Tryphon, as well as the weight unit M(i)na. In the centre of the section a prize crown with a grid pattern and a cross belt with two rows of highly elevated half spheres. Two palm fronds emerging from the crown. In the municipal representation two prize crowns indicate the city’s privilege to hold agone (games or competitions) with full rights. The inscription on the B side reads ΠΕΡΙΝ- / ΔΙC ΝΕ/ΚΟ-ΟΡΩ-Ν / ΘΙΩΝ, and names the place of origin of the weight, the city of Perinth with the city title "2. Neocoria", which allows for a fairly accurate dating. This title was used by Perinthus especially since the Emperor Elagabalus stayed in the city in 219. The weight cannot have been made later than 286 because after that Perinthus was renamed to Heraclea. Published in: Peter Weiß, „Gestaltungsweisen bei den Marktgewichten der Kaiserzeit“, in: Chiron 35, 2005, pages 408-412.