Published Harappa Marble Mouflon

Culture: Harappa
Period: 2500-1900 B.C.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 22 cm long
Price: 16 000 Euro
Ref: 6383
Provenance: American private collection 1960s. Thence auctioned with Christie’s New York on 11 December 2003, lot 107. Last in the English art market.
Condition: Ancient wear on the left horn and the right hind leg, otherwise very well preserved with a beautiful patina.
Description: Massive marble statuette of a stylized mouflon of the early Bronze Age Indus- or Harappa culture. The wild sheep is depicted standing with a massive, almost rectangular body. The legs are short and tapering towards the end. The monumental, fluted horns originate at the forehead, running in a wide curve towards the bottom and again under the head. They each frame the elongated ears. The face with deeply pierced eyes, which once had inlays made of gemstones. The mouth is broadly pulled back with the tongue sticking out. Published in: Ancient Treasures XIII, Antiquarium Ltd, page 7. See for reference for the type of mouflon in the Metropolitan Museum New York with the Accession Number 1978.58, as well as Christie’s New York on 4 June 2008, lot 68.