Punic Limestone Stele

Culture: Punic
Period: 2nd-1st century B.C.
Material: Limestone
Dimensions: 63.3 cm x 25.3 cm
Price: 6 000 Euro
Ref: 6369
Provenance: German private collection U. S., Munich, Germany, acquired prior to 1972.
Condition: Except for some wear on the edge very well preserved.
Description: Large, rectangular limestone stele with a stylized depiction of a man. The figure in flat relief stands on a rectangular indentation. The right arm is bent and placed on the hip. The left arm is stretched outside and holds an object, possibly a floral plant. The man wears a tunic, the bold head with a stylized face. Left and right of the image area herringbone pattern, which also indicates plants. Above engraved rectangles without any identifiable symbolism. Mounted.