Red-Figured Kantharos of the Stuttgart Group

Culture: Greek/Apulian
Period: 320-310 B.C.
Material: Terrakotta
Dimensions: 26.2 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 2428
Provenance: Private collection Karl Zieger (1939-2021), Lower Austria, Austria. Acquired on 16 September 1997 from Wiener Dorotheum. With an original certificate.
Condition: One shard on the rim and a handle loop reattached, otherwise very well preserved.
Description: Apulian wine cup with curved handles extending over the rim (kantharos) and red-figured painting with white and yellow details. The depiction on both sides each show two women who get ready for a celebration. On the A side left a woman bending forward in a belted chiton. Her shoes are yellow, as jewellery she wears a dotted diadem and two bracelets on each lower arm. Her hair is pulled together in a sakkos. The left foot resting on a rock. She supports herself with the left arm on her leg. In the right hand she holds a chain. The second woman sits on a rock facing to the right and turns her head back. She wears a chiton which cascades along the right shoulder and bares her breast. She also wears yellow shoes, a diadem and on her lower arms each two bracelets. Her hair is pulled back to a bun with a hair band. In her right hand she holds a mirror, in her raised left one she holds a cista, a round vessel to keep jewellery and toiletries. The image area is left and right framed by white columns with capitals. The B side also depicts two women, the left one standing. She wears a chiton and a coat on top of it and holds an open cista in her left hand. She wears yellow shoes, a diadem, a dotted necklace, bracelets and a sakkos with two bands. The seated woman to the right with turned back head wears a chiton, which cascades along her right shoulder and bares her breast. She is also decked with yellow shoes, diadem, necklace, bracelets and a sakkos. In the right hand she holds a chain, in the left one an open cista. See for a very similar depiction of the kantharos in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg with the inventory number 1875.187.