Late Roman Perfume Flask with a Cylindrical Neck

Culture: Roman
Period: 5th century A.D.
Material: Glass
Dimensions: 11.6 cm high
Price: 1 600 Euro
Ref: 3527
Provenance: From the estate of the French art dealer Evrard de Rouvre (1923-1979). Thence in the possession of his daughter Isabelle and her husband Francois van den Broek. Last in a family estate.
Condition: A stable crack on the base, otherwise intact. With an exceptionally beautiful iridescence.
Description: A late Roman glass perfume flask shimmering in magnificent colors. The rounded, swaged corpus with an indented base. The neck is broad and cylindrical, on the transition to the corpus significantly constricted. In this way, the precious essence could be collected in the neck when poured out and better dosed. The rim is slightly curved inwards and smoothly ground.