Jumping Dickite Dog with Engraving at the Bottom

Culture: Anatolia
Period: Late 4th millennium B.C.
Material: Dickite
Dimensions: 9.8 cm long
Price: Sold
Ref: 6227
Provenance: Collection Leo Mildenberg, thence in a German private collection.
Condition: Several cracks on the surface, in the indentations remains of wax originating from an earlier stamping, otherwise intact.
Description: Depiction of a running animal, possibly a dog or a wolf, made of the clayey mineral dickite. The body of the animal is muscular with a thin neck and a stretched forward snout. Eyes and nostrils are circularly notched, the ears slightly raised. The hind legs stretched forward in a running position, the forelegs only stylized on top. The hindlegs, not seperately worked out, are flattened at the bottom and engraved with a seal depicting a flying bird. Published in: "Tierbilder aus vier Jahrtausenden, Antiken aus der Sammlung Mildenberg", Mainz 1983, Seite 11, Nummer 1a, as well as in the American original from The Cleveland Museum of Art, 1981. Mentioned as the possible archaeological site is a region north of Lake Van in Anatolia. The engraved bottom had possibly once inlays of a different material. "MIC" for Mildenberg Collection is written in red letters at the bottom.