South Arabian Bronze Statue of an Ibex

Culture: Sabaean
Period: 2nd half of 1st millennium B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 15 cm x 14.2 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6406
Provenance: From a German private collection, acquired in 1989. Thence with The Merrin Gallery, New York, 1990s. Later on the English art market, there published in 2016. Last in a New York private collection. Published in: "Wonders of the Sabaean World", number 23, London 2016.
Condition: With beautiful red-brown patina, intact.
Description: Important freestanding solid bronze statue of an ibex with the head facing to the left and wide apart towering horns. The anatomic details worked out with extraordinary diligence and in high quality. The head with large, outwards bulging eyes, deeply worked out forehead wrinkles and a slender mouth. The ears protruding. The horns are massive and finely ribbed throughout the entire length. The belly on both sides with vertical lines. The legs are finely accentuated with worked out hooves. The tail is short. Published in: “Wonders of the Sabaean World”, number 23, London 2016. See for the type the renowned large bronze statuette of an ibex from the Al Thani collection, exhibited in the Tokyo National Museum.