Sumerian Steatite Bull

Culture: Sumerian
Period: 3rd millennium B.C.
Material: Steatite
Dimensions: 8.9 cm long
Price: Sold
Ref: 6391
Provenance: From an old American private collection, with a collection number on the side. Thence with Royal Athena Gallery in New York with the inventory number SNZ364. Sold on 16 May 2002 to another US collection. With a copy of the original invoice.
Condition: Unrestored, with some wear on one side and on the base.
Description: Crouching bull of brown stone (steatite?) with a resting, slightly curved tail. The snout rounded, the mouth engraved. The animal sits on its fore- and hind legs, the course of which is finely accented. The eyes and horns were once of a different material and inserted. A perforation on the back indicates that the bull with its base served as foot of a furniture or vessel. A high-quality, important animal figure dating to the Sumerian period. One side with an old inventory number in red color. At the bottom an old gallery sticker.