Torso of a Cycladic Idol of the Spedos Type

Culture: Cycladic
Period: around 2500 B.C.
Material: Marble
Dimensions: 15.8 cm high
Price: 38 000 Euro
Ref: 2425
Provenance: From an old Parisian private collection of the 1980s. With a copy of old collection photos. Accompanied by a French antiquities passport.
Condition: Head and feet missing. In the 1980s the torso was complemented by a modern head, which we removed for authenticity reasons of the statuette. The head is of course available upon request. Otherwise, unrestored with a wonderful patina.
Description: Large, unrestored torso of a Cycladic idol of the Spedos type. The female, highly stylized figure with elongated limbs has rounded shoulders, small, round breasts, and below the breast the arms are folded in parallel on the body. The fingertips of the upper left hand reach to the bend of the right arm. The pelvis is broad and round, the legs are separated by a deeply drawn but not cut through cleft and are slightly curved. Statuettes such as the present one could not stand on their own and were always found lying on the back. The legs are separated from the upper body by a drawn groove This most well-known type of the Cycladic idol was named after an early Cycladic cemetery on the island of Naxos. Mounted.