Vinča Figure

Culture: Southeastern Europe
Period: 5500-4500 B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 15.1 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 5111
Provenance: Viennese private collection Jovanovic, acquired 1970 from Erwin Richter in Wiener Neustadt. Accompanied by a certificate confirming the provenance by Erwin Richter. Accompanied by a TL test from the University of Vienna.
Condition: Intact
Description: Very flat clay figure of the Vinča culture with red painting. The square head with a mask-like face and eyes incised in triangle form. The nose is relatively small and pointy protruding. The head is on top and at the back flat and incised with fine, long hair parted in the centre. The arms are short and sideways protruding. The standing figure wears a dress which is decorated with horizontal, encircling lines on the breast and belly areas. Striking are the widely protruding buttocks and the sideways protruding pelvis. The legs are indicated by a line in between, the feet are separated from the legs by horizontal lines. Vinča figures like the present one were used for ritual purposes. Possibly from the region of Supska-Stublina. Accompanied by a TL test of Professor Rudolf Erlach, University for Applied Arts Vienna.