Solid Bronze Statuette of a Boar of the Koban Culture

Culture: North Caucasian
Period: 1200-900 B.C.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 6,1 cm x 6,6 cm
Price: 4 400 Euro
Ref: 5203
Provenance: Private collection Robert Blanchet (1921-2009), acquired on 11 April 1997 from the gallery Jean Philippe Mariaud de Serres in Paris. Since then in a family estate. With an original collection card and the collector’s handwritten description, as well as the original certificate of the gallery de Serres.
Condition: Except for traces of corrosion intact and of beautiful quality.
Description: Large and heavy bronze statuette of a straight standing boar. The animal with straight forelegs and slightly bent hindlegs. The buttocks with the short, raised tail is pushed back. The massive body with a hanging belly. The head sits on the strong neck, the ears are raised, the trunk pointing forward. On the back of the animal a large eyelet for suspension. Due to the weight (103 gram) one can speculate that the boar did not serve as an amulet but rather as a weight.