Limestone Wall Fragment with the Name of Bakenrenef

Culture: Egyptian
Period: 26th Dynasty, 664-610 B.C.
Material: Limestone
Dimensions: 31 cm x 34.8 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 1224
Provenance: Gallery Rhéa, Switzerland with the inventory number 2510. On 13 November 1991 sold to a Swiss private collection. Accompanied by a copy of the original invoice, as well as an expertise by the Swiss expert Robert Bigler dated 24 February 1991.
Condition: Fragment of high quality with beautifully preserved color in the hieroglyphs.
Description: Fragment of a limestone relief with a meticulous inscription in four columns. The hieroglyphs, deeply cut in stone, were painted in blue-green color to contrast them better from the light limestone background. Even with the fragmentary preservation the name Bakenrenef (second column) can be read from the inscription, in the third column it reads “… slains the enemy…” and in the fourth column “… his voice. Osiris…” The quality of the work as well as the citation of the name suggests that the relief originates from the tomb of Bakenrenef, one of the Viziers of Pharaoh Psamtik I, in Saqqara. See for reference: „Saqqara IV, Tomba di Bakenrenef (L. 24), Attivitá del Cantiere Scuola 1985-1987”, E. Bresciani, Università degli Studi di Pisa, as well as similar objects in the Egyptian collection in Munich, Lyons, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in the Field Museum Chicago. Mounted.