Vessel with Ram’s Head

Culture: Iran/Amlash
Period: 1000-700 B.C.
Material: Red-brown clay
Dimensions: 23.9 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 6027
Provenance: Collection Sam Dubiner (1914-1993), Israel, founded 1954-1958. Thence collection Ofner, Austria.
Condition: Chips and some small holes on the surface. Body of the vessel intact.
Description: Biconical, bulbous vessel with broad base. Cylindrical neck with round filling hole, decorated with a ram head with pellet applications above the forehead, the curled horns leading into the mouth. On the back a small loop handle at shoulder level. At the front above the base two small spouts. The ram horns with matt coating stripes, neck and vessel body decorated with two stylized ram figures and ornamental spirals, waves and branches, leading into a large hash in the centre of the front side. Vessels with ram head protomes of stone or clay were popular themes in the West Asian region during the second to the first millennium B.C.