Two Coptic Textiles with Stylized Centaurs

Culture: Egyptian
Period: 5th-7th century A.D.
Material: Wool
Dimensions: each 10 cm x 10 cm, 36 cm x 24 cm (dimensions of the frame)
Price: 680 Euro
Ref: 1078
Provenance: German private collection, acquired prior to 1970.
Condition: A small missing part in one textile, otherwise of beautiful quality.
Description: Two square textiles of almost the same size of black and light brown fabric. In the middle of each a centaur, which was also in use in the Christian symbolism for a long time. It stands for a split personality, for a rational and irrational creature like a human being. At the same time centaurs are considered as immortal. The figures are framed, in the corners abundant ornaments. Framed behind glass.