Cylindrical Roman Flask with one Handle

Culture: Roman
Period: Late 1st to early 2nd century A.D.
Material: Glass
Dimensions: 11.5 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 3549
Provenance: Collection Barensfeld, Germany, 1980s. Thence with Antikenkabinett Gackstätter with the list number 01789. There acquired by Peter Conrads, Germany. With a copy of the certificate from the Antikenkabinett Gackstätter.
Condition: On the edge a small curvature from the production, the vessel is completely intact.
Description: Magnificent, free blown jug of blue-green shimmering clear glass. The vessel with a brown, slightly arched corpus, a short neck and a horizontally pulled out rim. The band handle with three ribs starts on the rim, runs acute-angled down and ends in two large and one small middle prong on the rounded shoulder The neck is additionally decorated with two cut rings. The base is slightly dented and has remains of a rib. From the eastern Mediterranean Sea, possibly Asia Minor. See for the type: “Römisches, byzantinisches und frühmittelalterliches Glas – Sammlung Ernesto Wolf”, Hatje Cantz 2001, number 39.