Cypriot Terracotta Statuette of a Tambourine Player of the Kamelarga Type

Culture: Cypriot
Period: 600-480 B.C.
Material: Terracotta
Dimensions: 21 cm high
Price: 1 600 Euro
Ref: 2547
Provenance: German private collection J. Gubrod (died in 2017), acquired between 1960 to 1990 on the German art market. Thence by descent to Micaela Gutbrod, Munich, Germany.
Condition: Intact, small color wear on the nose.
Description: Completely preserved, large terracotta statuette of a tambourine player from the Cypriot archaic period. The stylized body is cylindrically formed on a potter’s wheel and hollow inside. The arms are formed by hand and hold the tambourine in front of the chest. The face is moulded and painted in red. The mouth is formed to a smile and the eyes are almond-shaped with long eyeliners. The hair is covered with parallel strands on the head and cascade behind the large ears. The back of the head is flat. The statuette belongs to the so-called Kamelarga style, which is named after the excavation site in Cyprus. See for the type a head of a very similar, if not from the same form in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the Accession Number 74.51.1522.