Fragment of a Cuneiform Brick of Gudea

Culture: Sumerian
Period: 2141-2122 B.C.
Material: Clay
Dimensions: 32 cm x 27 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6273
Provenance: Private collection Achim Klett, Bavaria, Germany, acquired 1975. Since then in a family estate. Accompanied by an old collection photograph and a handwritten provenance confirmation.
Condition: Fragment with a wonderfully preserved inscription. In the 1970s the inscription was coated with varnish for better readability (upon request reversible).
Description: Fragment of a clay brick with an inscription of a temple in the Sumerian city-state Lagaš, which was erected by the most well-known ruler Gudea for the god Ningirsu. The almost completely preserved inscription reads: “For (the god) Ningirsu, the powerful hero (of the god) Enlil Gudea, ruler of Lagaš, made everything splendid, he erected for him a temple of the shining Imdugud (lion eagle), he restored it.” Clay bricks such as the present one were built into the corners of the temple's foundation. With remains of bitumen, which was used to build the brick, unreadable from outside, into the wall. Mounted.