Jewish Ossuary from Jerusalem

Culture: Jewish
Period: 1st century B.C. – 1st century A.D.
Material: Limestone
Dimensions: 39.5 cm x 24.4 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6124
Provenance: Masada Antique Center, with a certificate of the Masada Antique Center from 25 July 1972. Signed by Barakat Antiquities & Art Galleries. Thence Archeological Center Jaffa Robert Deutsch. Most recently Daniel Landau-Lukats, Vienna.
Condition: One small chip on one corner of the lid, otherwise intact.
Description: Rectangular-shaped limestone bone-case, serving as a secondary burial for bones, standing in a niche. Due to the biblical aniconism ossuaries from this period are no longer anthropomorphic or theriopomorphic, but decorated with geometrical patterns. On our model a zig-zag pattern topped with dots frame two large rosettes. In between fluted semi-circular frames connected by a zig-zag pattern. The ossuary stands on four small stub legs. The rounded and inside trenched lid belongs to the case. Remains of bone splinters inside. Remains of color on the decorated side. Outside with an old inventory number.