Two-Handle Bottle on Ring-Foot

Culture: Late Roman/Byzantine
Period: 6th century A.D.
Material: Glass
Dimensions: 23.4 cm high
Price: Reserved
Ref: 3206
Provenance: Professor Dr. Rudolf Leopold, Vienna. Acquired on 20 December 1994 in Dorotheum, Vienna.
Condition: Stress cracks on the rim, otherwise intact with wonderful iris.
Description: Light green, free-blown glass bottle with wrapped spiral coils with 12 winds, cascading from the left along the neck. The pointed handles are separately worked out and attached. The lip is fervently thickened. The neck is long and cylindrical, the passage to the shoulder is smooth. The body is pear-shaped and extremely narrowed towards the bottom. From Galilee or the Jordan valley. For a comparative piece with several handles see “Römisches, byzantinisches und frühmittelalterliches Glas – Sammlung Ernesto Wolf“, Hatje Cantz 2001, number 171.