Kroisos 1/3 Silver Stater

Culture: Lydian
Period: 561-546 B.C.
Material: Silver
Dimensions: 1.4 cm long; 3.3 gram
Price: 1 600 Euro
Ref: 9022
Provenance: From a German private collection, acquired between 1970 and 1990.
Condition: Very fine
Description: Kroisos, the king of Lydia, created the worldwide first bi-metallic coin system and minted for the first time coins made of gold and silver. The present 1/3 silver Stater depicts his seal, the lion with its mouth wide open and raised paw, facing a bull with a raised head with horns The animals seem to attach each other as equals. Lion and bull were considered to be symbols for power and strength, courage and perseverance. The reverse depicts, like with all early coins, the quadratum incusum, the raw impression of the upper stamp.