Ushabti for Maatptah with the Lock of Sem Priest

Culture: Egyptian
Period: 19th Dynasty, 1279-1213 B.C.
Material: White Faience
Dimensions: 14.4 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 1069
Provenance: Private collection Dr. L. Benguerel Godó, Spain. Acquired in London in the 1960s.
Condition: A small chip on the foot, otherwise a wonderfully preserved ushabti of a member of the royal family.
Description: Ushabti of white faience for Maatptah, one of the sons of Ramses II, the Great. The mummiform figure wears an opulent necklace, in his hands holding the typical tools for field work and carrying a seed bag on his back. Noticeable is the side hair lock, identifying him as a Sem Priest. As such he bears the function of an intermediary between the king and the deity. The hieroglyphs on the front mention "Maatptah, the Enlightened, Osiris, Sem Priest of Ptah, Son of the King (Prince)". A similar, slightly larger ushabti (with black wig) from the same tomb complex is our object with reference number 1068. Ramesses-Maatptah is known from papyri written by his servant Meryiotef (Papyrus 366 and 367 from Leiden).