Harness Ring with a Seated Pan

Culture: Roman
Period: 3rd century A.D.
Material: Lead, bronze
Dimensions: 12.9 cm high
Price: Sold
Ref: 3329
Provenance: From the well-known French collection Gilles Grimm.
Condition: Bronze plating at the back slightly brittle with visible lead core, otherwise intact and of fine quality.
Description: Massive lead ring in a bronze setting with the seated Pan, the god of the shepherds. He holds with both hands the seven-pipe flute in front of his belly. The short legs with their hooves are placed on the ring. The human body is finely pierced on the front and on the back, on the legs the fur is indicated with grooves. Pan has a long beard and horns, his hair cascades on the back of his shoulders. An interesting, rare object, which possibly served as a harness ring in the region of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Mounted.