Two Ziwiye Gold Appliques in Form of Ibexes

Culture: Iran/Scythian
Period: 8th-7th century B.C.
Material: Gold
Dimensions: 2 cm x 2.1 cm
Price: Sold
Ref: 6237
Provenance: Swiss collection Hans Zellweger (1916-2000), acquired in the 1970s from Elie Borowski. Since then in a private estate.
Condition: Intact
Description: Two gold sheets in form of crouching ibexes with legs bent inside. The gold sheet is stamped and cut out, on the inside two small eyelets each for fitting the appliques on an attire. The name Ziwiye refers to the gold hoard which was found in 1947 in North-western Iran. Almost all objects of the Ziwiye find ended up at the art market and today can be found in museums and private collections worldwide.